About us

We are a group of of queer feminist activists, who advocate for the autonomy and informational self-determination of patients seeking gynocological treatment.

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We fight for the right to information about pregnancy termination, a major reason for starting this initiative.

We need accessible and clear information about who offers abortions at what cost, as well as which method they are using, and if we can expect a respectful and considerate athmosphere.

The same goes for other gynecological treatments: they can be offered at different costs or might not be accessible to all patients. Sometimes patients are refused pragnancy termination by doctors or have faced prejudice during consultations.

No matter which treatment, Gynformation aims to offer a country-wide directory of gynecologists, midwives and general practitioners offering gynocological treatments, who communicate in a trustful, unbiased and professional manner. We expect that they present information about treatments in a transparent way.

No matter if you are sexually active, how many sexual partners you have, if you want or do not want to have children, if you have very little money, what self-chosen pronouns you use, if you wear a hijab, how you look, if you are HIV-positive, if you have had experience with (sexual) violence, the gender that was assigned to you at birth, if you are circumcised, if you speak or not speak German, what your residence status is, if you take drugs, if you are in a wheelchair, if you are a sex worker — whatever your situation, you are entitled to professional support in making your decision.

Share your positive experiences, empower yourself and others

Gynecology is a medical field that requires sensitive communication, because it often revolves around questions of identity, sexuality and life planning, while treatments are physically intimate.

Discriminating, intrusive and inconsiderate behavior within gynecology can lead to experiences that cross patients’ boundaries. Inspired by the French collective Gyn&Co, we have decided to build up a list of practitioners in Germany who exhibit an anti-discriminatory mindset, awareness for consent during treatment, and who offer information and space for autonomous decisions.

Individual recommendations act as the only source for the directory. The directory’s aim is to help everyone find a place that is right for them. That is why Gynformation is collecting positive information, and does not act as a source for general or negative reviews of people working in gynecology. If you have had a positive experience with your health provider, please share them with us by answering this questionnaire.

Working as a collective

We evaluate every questionnaire anonymously before we provide information about the recommended person on the commented address list. We deliberately work as a collective, meaning we discuss thematic as well as structural questions within the group and try our best to include a range of perspectives and voices.

Everyone in our evaluation team comes from different backgrounds, but has had personal experience with gynecological treatment as a patient. If you want to know more about the evaluation of questionnaires and our criteria, you can find answers in our FAQs. We also published a manifesto about our fundamental stance and principles, which you can find here.

Bodily autonomy and our sexuality offer huge potential for collective empowerment. Our Glossary and Expert-Blog to provides information for everyone to learn more about gynecology and their own body.

This website is still under construction and not perfect. We are happy to hear feedback through kontakt@gynformation.de.

We are working on multiple language translations, including English, as well as digital accessibility and other functionalities. If you want to support us by translating, coding or something else, we are glad to welcome you on our team.